Introducing the Cellphone Coaster

Let’s face it; whether we are at home, work or in a social setting, none of us would be able to survive without our smartphones. We are constantly checking email, texts, scores, news or playing with apps. And oftentimes we find ourselves doing this near our favorite beverage.

The Cellphone Coaster (pat.9,326,628) is the perfect answer. This inexpensive product allows you to prop up your smartphone in a matter of seconds. Allowing the perfect angle for keeping an eye on your smartphone while streaming music, chatting with friends or multitasking. Cell Phone Coasters can be used over and over...I use one at my desk everyday!

As a business owner or marketer– the Cellphone Coaster is not only an innovative product that will catch your customers attention; it is designed to be reusable so that your brand messaging will be in front of your customers again and again.





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